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Exploring the world of telecommunications careers with Kineticom:

What is telecom anyways?

The industry of telecommunications, in laymen’s terms, is how we communicate with one another. Telecommunications is how you send text messages, make calls, and receive calls. It’s how you can utilize your cell phone, landline, smart tv, and computer. It is the industry of how we can digitally communicate. Buzzwords like WiFi, 5G, data, and broadband are all facets of the industry. You may notice when you have a WiFi signal on your phone versus when you are utilizing ‘data’ or 5G. Have you driven in an area and had no service? This is a product of the lack of macrocell tower sites. Ever wondered how you can connect to the internet on an airplane or on a train? You can thank the telecommunications industry and small cell infrastructure. What about WiFi at a music festival? You can thank Distributed Antenna Systems or ‘DAS’. You may recognize telecom carrier names– T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T. These companies make up our communication with one another and are also the reason we can evolve with our communication, data speed, and infrastructure.

Kineticom specializes in understanding the telecommunications ecosystem and how we can break down the complex web to our clients, candidates, and team. Since 1999, we have established ourselves as specialized consultants in the industry, finding and placing thousands of candidates in positions from the field (Field Technicians, Installers, Civil Engineers) to operations (Project Managers, Construction Managers, Site Acquisition Specialists, Real Estate Specialists, Project Coordinators) to the designers (RF Designers, Fiber Engineers, CAD Designers, Fiber Optic Technicians, Data Analysts). Kineticom specializes in the web of ‘deploying’ (read, expanding, and redesigning) our internet connectivity (5G).

The telecommunications industry is constantly evolving and is here to stay. Much like the evolution of cell phones (and we’re not just talking better design), the telecom industry continues to explore data speed and expansion of connectivity for those in cities and those in rural broadband areas. It is an industry that continues to change and an industry that strives to be better.

Where would be a good start for your career in telecommunications?

That’s a good question. And one that our team of technical recruiters would assist you with.

Our clients range from carriers to general contractors to design firms.

Based on your experience and personal interests, you can start in understanding some directions in the telecom ecosystem:

Do you prefer fieldwork and have an affinity for ‘road-warrior’ travel? You may be interested in a Construction Manager, Field Technician, or Civil Engineer opportunity. This would involve a combination of engineering and construction background on cell sites throughout a state or region. Your day-to-day would be primarily out of an office coordinating with construction crews, project managers, and suppliers.

Maybe you are more of an Excel guru and prefer to be behind the scenes. You have an affinity for solving problems in an office and collaborating with project members and focusing on the big picture. You may look to a Project Coordinator or Project Manager role.

Do you have a real estate or law background? Do you like reading contracts and collaborating with officials in cities and landlords? You may look at Permitting Specialist, Contract Specialist, or Site Acquisition Specialist roles.

Perhaps you have an engineering background and thrive in the analytics of designing and creating new fiber networks. You may look towards a career as a Fiber Engineer or RF Engineer. Your day-to-day would look like utilizing software to design cell fiber networks in an office while coordinating with AutoCAD technicians and Project Managers.

Not just a Job, a Career:

Kineticom cares about understanding the ‘why’ behind a candidates’ background and career aspirations. Our team of technical recruiters works to connect candidates with opportunities that are mutually beneficial for our candidate and our client. We have seen candidates progress in their telecom career from a Project Coordinator to a Program Manager. We have placed Tower Technicians that grew to Sr. Construction Managers. We have placed Jr. AutoCAD drafters that are now RF Engineer Managers. Perhaps you are interested in connecting candidates with jobs– you would be a great fit at Kineticom as a Technical Recruiter!

Interested in exploring how the telecom industry can offer you a career full of growth opportunities?

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