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People matter to us.

Where you are and where you want to be.

We’re passionate about building effective, flexible workforces for companies in the Information and Communication Technology Industry — and helping job seekers build rewarding, successful careers in the U.S.

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" Kineticom retains ownership of managing contingent workers and integrity is very high, making our relationship solid. " Susan H
" I feel a strong sense of belonging working for Kineticom. " Eric C

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Construction Manager San Ramon, CA, US
Construction Project Manager I , NY, US
Operations Director Woodland, CA, US
Project Manager Seattle, WA, US
Project Manager III Bellevue, WA, US
Project Manager III Concord, CA, US
Project Manager V Bellevue, WA, US
Site Acquisition Manager Alpharetta, GA, US

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Data Analyst Chicago, IL, US

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Microwave Field Engineer Pittsburgh, PA, US
Microwave Field Engineer Clifton, NJ, US
Small Cell - Foreman Elk Grove, CA, US
Top Hand Kenilworth, NJ, US
Top Hand Woodstock, GA, US
Tower Foreman Woodstock, GA, US
Tower Foreman Elk Grove, CA, US
Tower Technician - Lead Elk Grove, CA, US

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Kineticom has strong business connections with major Telecom/IT service providers and vendors.

Mohammad A, IMA Engineer

Kineticom has good opportunities with good clients. The caliber of Kineticom folks I have worked with is exceptional.

Jennifer H, Granite Engineer

Caring from Kineticom is extraordinary.

Ehab M, Project Manager

Prefer Kineticom over my previous employer due to professionalism, as well as recommendations from other Kineticom employees, who state the service is good and company is reliable.

Sandeep M, Core Engineer

Of all the current staffing firms working with T-Mobile in Austin, Kineticom is by far the best firm to be associated with. Simplified payroll, responsiveness and support are key.

Keith H, Project Manager

I strongly feel that the industry knowledge and experience that I gained on this project are both invaluable. None of this would have been possible without Kineticom. I am very grateful for having the opportunity to work for Kineticom.

Brandon A, Business Operations Manager

Excellent customer service – committed to accommodating all my needs and assisting in the process of recruitment by answering and explaining all policies.

Andrew S, Driver

They are awesome. Best recruiting company I’ve ever worked with. Very nice, professional and keeps in contact even after the project has started. Most don’t!

Erin M, Leasing, QC Manager

The entire process from on boarding to my last day in my position, I was impressed by the support that I received from the Kineticom team.

Beth C, Business Operations Administrator

I’ve enjoyed working for Kineticom. Kineticom provides benefits and takes care of their employees.

Michael D , Project Manager

Kineticom is a great company to work with and they help provide opportunities to further your career goals.

Anthony B, Configuration Technician

The difference is the level of Customer Service. I feel connected to Kineticom at all times.

Vantece M, Project Coordinator

Kineticom is a good company and has kept me consistently employed. They are great with (Client) and represent their company as a provider of dependable and highly skilled employees.

Anonymous, Project Coordinator

Everyone I have worked with at Kineticom is very attentive and knowledgeable. They made sure I understood and was happy with everything at the new company I began working with and have continued to follow up to make sure everything is running smoothly.

Anonymous, Sr. Project Controls Technician

I have always appreciated Kineticom’s willingness to partner with us.  Sometimes, it has been assistance in meeting a budget, securing the necessary quantity and quality of resources or changing business models to adapt to our needs.  Over and over, Kineticom has been great to work with.

Gregg C,

I use Kineticom for a majority of my staffing needs. I appreciate the way that they come in, sit down and get an understanding of our needs first. Then they send qualified applicants that provide the right solution for our challenges. Finally, they follow up periodically to make sure that those team members are still the right solutions as the projects progress. That’s a comprehensive approach to service.

Jeffery K, Real Estate Manager

I had a very urgent need for a senior resource with a difficult skillset. Kineticom was able to provide a great resource who was able to step in immediately, allowing for zero lag-time on the project. Their quality of candidates and sense of urgency helped me out immensely.

Tim S, Partner, Financial Services

My experience working with Kineticom has been outstanding. The team got internal approvals completed in record time, the turnaround time for proposing candidates was fantastic, and the quality of the resources was very high.

Kim C, IT Advisor

Kineticom has been an outstanding partner in helping us successfully execute during a record year and we are happy to have them at-the-ready for our current large project deployments.

Michael B, Chief Financial Officer

Kineticom has been a core partner for us on multiple key initiatives over the past several years. I’ve always been impressed with their ability to balance extremely quick turnaround times with a high level of quality. Their team is not only extremely knowledgeable, but also extremely flexible. No matter what we go to them with, Kineticom comes back to us with a plan to execute and always follows through.

Andy M, Staffing Manager