Kineticom identifies specialized talent in the Telecom, Fiber and Renewable Energy industries

Kineticom is an established consulting & staffing firm in telecom, fiber, and renewable energy. Since 1999, we have placed a community of innovators, of change-makers, of creators with solutions. 

Looking for career opportunities in the Telecom, Fiber and Renewable Energy industries?

Kineticom helps talented individuals like yourself match skills and career goals with companies looking to hire in the Telecom, Fiber, and Renewable Energy space.

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Kineticom is an established consulting & staffing firm in telecom, fiber, and renewable energy. Since 1999, we have placed a community of innovators. A community of change-makers. A community of creators with solutions.

The talent and clients of Kineticom are the new era of what it means to be in tech.They’re the trailblazers. The project managers. The over-achievers. The technicians. The negotiators. The designers. The doers.

Our talent and clients are defining the space of telecom, fiber, and renewable energy. Interested in working with us or having us represent you to our portfolio? Get in touch with our team.


Kineticom has 20+ years of established staffing and consulting experience within the wireless and fiber deployment space. We have a nationwide talent portfolio that offers candidates from every aspect of the industry: from field roles to the office support to the executive team.


Kineticom is utilizing its 20+ years of wireless and telecom staffing to break into the renewable industry. We are excited to be a provider of talent and part of the new green economy. Some positions we fill:


Kineticom is answering the growing need for fiber optic services in two ways for our clients. Our team has over 20 years of experience identifying and placing fiber experts in the telecommunications and enterprise fiber industries. In addition to our fiber talent staffing solutions, Kineticom offers turnkey fiber services in select markets. This enables Kineticom to partner with our clients to deliver top talent and / or work side by side to complete fiber projects on an as needed basis.

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‘Kinetic’ means “of or relating to the motion of material bodies and the forces and energy associated therewith”; put simply: lively, dynamic, active and energizing. That is how we describe ourselves and our team at Kineticom.

Kineticom is a nationwide talent firm specializing in the wireless, Fiber and renewable energy industries. We provide contract and direct hire replacements.

Kineticom requires background checks and drug testing for U.S. employment;
we also participate in the E-Verify program.


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