Telecommunication Engineering Jobs

As communication technology advances so does the need for more money. There was a 5% increase in telecommunication spending from 2020 to 2021. And the amount is expected is reach $1.5 trillion in 2022.

This is good news if you are looking for telecommunication engineering jobs or hope to after graduating. But, you may be wondering what type of jobs and qualifications are needed.

Read on to see what employers and recruiters are looking for in telecom engineering jobs.

What Do Telecommunication Engineers Do?

Telecommunication engineering specialists take on tasks. But, they always fulfill the major role of keeping the lines of communication running throughout the world. 

They design, construct, and problem solve systems for wireless and satellite communications. By doing so, engineers create ways for people to connect. For example, through voice and video communication using data supplied by telecom companies.

The communications industry also relies on engineers to provide consultation. They help with the maintenance, installation, and advancement of telecom technologies. 

Required Education, Skills, and Experience

Telecommunications Engineering recruiters look for a minimum educational requirement of a Bachelor’s Degree. It could be in either electrical or electronics engineering. A general engineering degree may be accepted depending on the job title. 

A degree provides knowledge in:

  • Math – Geometry, Statistics, Algebra, and Calculus 
  • Technology – Mechanical, Electrical, and Computer
  • Customer Relations – English Language, Consultation, Product Servicing

Other skills include analytical problem solving, insight into future innovations, and the ability to collaborate with team members.  

Types of Job Titles

The wireless industry provides the most jobs for telecom engineers. These jobs can be anything from project managers and zoning specialists on construction sites to radio frequency (RF) or distributed antenna systems (DAS) engineers. 

Some jobs are on-site and hands-on while others offer a backend role in research and development. Choosing your career path depends on your personality and work environment preference. 

Pay Ranges

The type of job will also affect your salary. The average pay for a telecommunication engineer is almost $80k a year. Your salary could reach as high as $113k based on your experience and job location. 

Adding specific skills to your resume will increase your pay. Be sure to continue with career development even after you get your degree. 

How to Apply for Telecom Engineering Jobs

Engineering job recruiting begins by you placing your resume in our database. This will help employers and contractors find you based on your skills and desired role. 

You may also search our database for jobs using a specific job title or location. Check the details of the position and the requirements. Then apply directly through our Kineticom platform. 

Get Help with Your Job Search

It is a tough competition when searching and applying for telecommunication engineering jobs. Partnering with us can help you save time by connecting you with the right companies.

Start by making an account, uploading your resume, or contacting us for more information. 


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