Six Things You Should Know About Telecom Recruiting Companies

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Telecom recruiting companies are agencies that find candidates to fill jobs within the telecommunications industry. These companies focus exclusively on finding skilled workers for major telecom carriers and manufacturers, including wireless applications, broadband networking, and more. If you are in need of strong and reliable talent, read more on who telecom recruiting firms are, and how Kineticom has a proven track record of excellence. 

The telecom recruiting company you choose could make a difference in the ease of filling positions or finding a job. Here are things to know about telecom recruiting companies. And how Kineticom is the preferred telecom recruiting company of choice.

1. Telecom Recruiting Companies Can Find Qualified Candidates for All Levels

Telecom recruiting companies specialize in finding and placing qualified candidates for all jobs within the telecom industry. Kineticom is one of the main suppliers of talent within the ecosystem of wireless and telecommunications and offers contract and permanent placements. . Kineticom first establishes a relationship with our client and focuses on the need behind the why. This is the most important because it helps us understand your culture and how we can preemptively support you with qualified talent. Collectively with our Regional Manager and Recruiting Manager, we work to understand the job description and role.

They may also go outside the telecom industry to find highly skilled workers then transfer their training and experience into a job at your company. For example, Kineticom utilizes our candidate pool in both the renewable energy sector and telecom sector.

2. Telecom Recruiting Companies May Be Affiliated With Other Organizations

Telecom recruiting companies might be part of a specific group or association in larger cities. In other cases, they may be affiliated with a partner organization that provides consulting and support services to the industry as a whole. Kineticom is an avid supporter of the Women in Wireless Leadership Forum (WWLF). Our internal Southeast Regional Manager, Arelis Baden, is the Women in Wireless City Representative for Charleston, South Carolina. Our Business Development Manager, Kristen Marano, is the Women in Wireless City Representative for San Diego, California. 

Kineticom is also a supporter of wireless associations such as: California Wireless Association (CALWA), Florida Wireless Association, Arizona Wireless Association, Colorado Wireless Association (COWA), Missouri-Kansas Wireless Association (MoKan Wireless), New Jersey Wireless Association, Illinois Wireless Association, Georgia Wireless Association, Tennessee Wireless Association, Pennsylvania Wireless Association, and Virginia Wireless Association. 

If you’re considering working with us internally or externally, connect with us for references that you can contact. 

3. Telecom Recruiting Companies Might Be Required to Have Special Licenses

Many states require telecom recruiting companies to have a license to ensure all jobs are filled relatively. There may be penalties for working with unlicensed firms, so you will want to check the license status of any company you plan to work with.

If they don’t have a license or provide documentation, this doesn’t necessarily mean they are not reputable. However, a permit is an assuring recourse if things go wrong. 

4. Telecom Recruiting Companies May Have Preferred Vendors

Like any other business, telecom recruiting companies may have preferred vendors they work with. It doesn’t mean they can’t or won’t work with other companies. Still, it might mean they have an already established relationship with a particular vendor and can provide better rates or services because of this connection.

Ask about any relationships the company has to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your business. For instance, Kineticom has established relationships with all major US carriers; such as T-Mobile, Verizon, and AT&T as well as general contractors in the telecom field: like Crown Castle and General Dynamics.

Additionally, telecom recruiting companies may charge a minimum to cover their expenses depending on where you are located. This fee usually isn’t a problem because it’s often offset by finding the perfect employee for your telecom business.

5. Telecom Recruiting Companies May Have a Database of Candidates Already in Place (Kineticom Does!)

What separates Kineticom as a recruitment and consulting firm is that we have an established database of candidates in the telecom, tower, and renewable energy sectors. Our ultimate goal for each candidate is to truly understand their wants and help them grow in their careers with our clients. 

However, our established recruiters have a long list of qualified candidates for any position. A recruiting company like Kineticom helps identify the best candidates for our clients and the best clients for our candidates. We work to understand both the candidate and client’s needs from the beginning to provide an efficient and effective interviewing and hiring process. Kineticom’s database encompasses thousands of telecom, tower, and renewable energy professionals across all 50 U.S. states.

6. Telecom Recruiting Companies May Have a Long List of Extras

Like any other business, telecom recruiting companies often offer extras valuable to their clients. Depending on your industry and business plan, these services may be worth the additional cost, or they may fit into your budget.

These extras might include benefits like 24/7 employee support, on-site training, or help with relocation costs. Be sure to ask about any additional services a company offers so you can make an informed decision about whether or not to work with them. Every contracted-W2 employee with Kineticom is offered comprehensive benefits: medical, vision, dental in addition to a 401-K opt-in. Kineticom also assigns a dedicated Talent Care Agent to maintain communication and assist contractors while they are on assignment. 

Because telecom recruiting companies work with various businesses, they are often familiar with the regulations that apply to the industry. This can be helpful when you’re trying to fill a vacant position and need to ensure the new hire is compliant with all the necessary rules and regulations.

Kineticom can help you navigate these waters and ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. Regulations for telecommunication companies keep changing, but a good telecom recruiting company will have its pulse on the current state of the market.

When looking for a telecom recruiting company to fill up positions at your firm, be sure to ask these questions, so you know what you’re getting into:

  • What is your background in the telecom industry?
  • Are you experienced with filling positions at my size of business?
  • Does your firm have a license to operate as a recruiter? (if required by law)
  • Do you work with any preferred vendors?
  • Do you have a database of pre-screened candidates that I could review?

By asking these questions, you’ll get a sense of the company’s level of experience and what resources they can bring to the table. Additionally, you’ll be able to determine if they are a good fit for your specific needs. Recruiting companies for the telecom industry also need to understand your needs and specifications to offer satisfactory services.

Are You Looking for a Telecom, Tower, or Renewable Energy Talent Provider?

If you’re looking for a telecom recruiting company, you’re in luck. Our team at Kineticom has experience in the telecom industry and can help you find the best candidates for your needs.

Kineticom is an established consulting & staffing firm in telecom, tower, and renewable energy. We offer quality, consistency, and care in our services. Our experience in telecom recruiting has helped us maintain a vast and diverse talent pool, which is why we’re confident we can help you find the perfect candidate for your needs.

If you want to learn more about Kineticom and why it’s different from other telecom recruiting companies, give us a call or send an email. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you have and walk with you to find the right talent for your firm.


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