No More Career Hang-Ups: How To Find the Perfect Job in Telecom

If you find yourself looking at your watch for your workday to end, maybe it’s time to consider a change. If you seek dynamic work that is energizing, then becoming a telecommunications technician is for you. This blog post will help guide you through the process of finding a match for a perfect telecom career.

The first thing to do when considering a new position in the field of telecommunications is to research what positions are available. Make sure you look for what qualifications are required by employers. You should also take into account your skillset and desired salary range.

Only then can your potential telecom job search commence.

Tips for Becoming a Telecommunications Technician

Finding a telecom job near you can lead to a growing career in telecommunications. Your next step is figuring out where there might be opportunities. It’s vital to understand the telecommunication professions offer everything from sales to engineering. 

So you have to target a job that matches your specific skill sets the company needs. Kineticom has always been a company that values its employees. Kineticom provides the tools and training for telecommunication technicians.

By providing the training and tools, you find new ways to succeed within your job. Kineticom also fosters growth by providing opportunities for personal development. The company provides these services through education programs tailored around individual needs.

Telecommunications Jobs Near You

Careers in telecommunications near you require different levels of experience and training. For instance, a data analyst is an entry-level position but requires specialized skills. These skills come with on-the-job training.

Sometimes you can get data analyst knowledge and experience through education courses. You may prefer to find a telecommunication job near you as a cable installer. You don’t have to meet any educational requirements to qualify.

You may also find a telecommunications job as a computer programmer. You do need a college degree and about three years of full-time experience. Most companies feel they need both education and experience for this job. 

Are Telecom Jobs Near Me?

To find out what companies around you have telecom jobs, you can look into several different positions. Companies like Kineticom partner with telecom companies that include, but aren’t limited to;

A typical starting salary for a computer programmer near you is between $50K-$80K, or thereabout. Customer Service Representatives average around $13.64 per hour. A cable installer will average around $24.71 per hour.

Telecom Jobs and What’s Right For You?

In today’s digital era, there are more jobs available in telecom than ever before. Modern technologies like IoT and augmented reality will see major growth. So now is your chance to make history by finding the telecom job right for you.  

Recent innovations like 5G networks will only increase its prospects even further into 2022. That’s when the industry is projected to reach the $1 trillion worldwide revenue level. As these new tools become popular across many industries, there will be telecom jobs opening up.

Jobs that may be perfect for you. Telecom has been one of those futuristic industries that have seen massive changes within a few years. Finding a telecom job right for you seems very likely because the telecom industry will continue to innovate in the coming decades.

Telecommunication Engineering Jobs Are Plentiful

In a world where communication-related technology is changing, telecommunications engineers are needed. Almost all industries need to keep information networks current and viable. It is the telecommunication engineer that lends their expertise in electrical engineering.

Most telecommunication engineering jobs are plentiful. Most of the engineering jobs appear onsite or are remote from clients’ sites. They work with equipment such as routers that can enable internet access around the globe.

Telecommunication Engineering Job Tasks

They also monitor data transfers between two points. The two points are sometimes within different countries via fiber optic cables. The telecommunication engineers ensure the networks stay current and viable.

They often provide telecommunication skills to companies or communities across all communication systems. 

Telecommunication Technician Jobs

Telecom technology jobs are booming. Modern technologies such as IoT and 5G continue to play a major role in its development. In this digital era we’re living in now, it doesn’t get better for those looking into careers with telecommunications firms like Kineticom, AT&T Corp., Comcast Corporation (NBCUniversal).

Telecom Project Manager

Managing projects in the telecom industry require ability and excellent knowledge of project management. Project Managers have to manage, control work execution while simultaneously executing on the company’s goals. These analytical skills allow them to compress time or costs efficiently.

Telecom Project Managers understand constraints required at each step along this journey for better results. If you want the company’s goals within deadlines that do not compromise the quality, you need a stellar Telecom Project manager.

The Future of Telecommunication Jobs

The telecommunications industry has grown exponentially and provides an essential service to virtually all businesses. There are four main categories in the telecommunications job industry:

  1. Wired
  2. Wireless
  3. Satellite
  4. Other establishments

The largest sector of this business continues to be made up of wireline carriers that provide services such as landlines for phone calls or DSL Internet.

Your Next Telecommunication Job

The telecommunications industry is an integral part of the U.S economy. That means your next telecommunication job can be in providing telephone, television, and Internet services across all 50 states. The main goal for companies like Kineticom is to innovate by connecting talent with talent providers in telecom, tower, and renewable energy. 

If you never want to get complacent in your job with tons of room for growth, apply through a company like Kineticom. It’s a great time to consider becoming a telecommunications technician or changing careers to join the telecom and renewable energy industries. 

There’s no telling how far new technology and green energy careers will take you.


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