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Need help with your LinkedIn Visibility and finding a new job in the telecom, tower, or renewable energy industry? We got you!

Here are 4 Tips to Maximize your LinkedIn Visibility and Resume:

1. Keywords: There is a science behind how our recruiters find your LinkedIn and resume. Look at job descriptions of jobs you are interested in. Match some of the qualifications and bullet points listed in the job description of the role you want. Add those keywords and qualifications to your LinkedIn profile and resume.

2. Turn on ‘Open to New Opportunities’ on your LinkedIn profile. This can be done in ‘Settings’ or on your profile page underneath your profile picture. Let recruiters know you are open to new opportunities! You can customize what positions and locations you are open to, as well as what type of work you are looking for. You can also add your personal phone number and email for recruiters to reach you at.

3. Make Profile Public: This can be done in ‘Settings’. Make your profile picture and activity public so recruiters can get to know you and your interests more. Remember that a recruiter-candidate relationship is personal and a recruiter knowing more of the values and culture you are looking for is important in finding you the right job.

4. Get Active on LinkedIn: Let’s face it: LinkedIn is the professional Facebook. Use LinkedIn to connect with people in your industry and interests. You can join job forums, alumni groups, and follow pages and companies that interest you. Including Kineticom!

Kineticom is a staffing and consulting firm specializing in the telecommunications and renewables industry. We have a dedicated team of technical recruiters that assist in finding and placing candidates with our partners. Our team of recruiters compiled some strategies to help you with your resume and optimize your LinkedIn profile.

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