Fiber Engineer

*Attend Kick-Off meetings if new backbone, lateral, and / or riser fiber is required.
*Review sales engineering design and determine backbone fiber route.
*Obtain necessary circuit identifiers from groups; or create as required.
*Create a Fiber DLR in Netcracker for A-Z fiber locations. (Note: New sites require the site survey form completed, submitted, and entered in the system prior by Fiber Construction.)
*Design fiber route and create all necessary splicing prints and work orders for vendors performing splicing work within the active backbone.
*Provide fiber assignments to Construction Team for lateral fibers to last demarc panel if new lateral is required. Construction to handle MPOE splice & demarc splices on new lateral builds only.
*Coordination of fiber cable count & demarcs will need to be obtained from Construction. Fiber Engineering responsible for all backbone splicing & end/end testing. (Note: Splicing can be managed by Fiber Construction where requested.)
*Obtain Quote/Bids from contractors for all backbone splicing & end/end testing.
*Create Requisitions for Purchase Order approval and payment to vendors.
*Participate in on-call rotation providing Fiber engineering Support after normal work hours. Manage vendors / contractors during splicing & testing of circuits.
*Submit all necessary Change management notifications and adhere to field activity policies and guidelines.
*Provide Operations / Provisioning with final DLR’s & test shots for closeout After completion close out tasks in CRM.
*Approve all vendor invoices for the project in ReqLogic.


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