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The 3rd annual Home of Guiding Hands BBQ, hosted by San Diego-based staffing firm Kineticom, Inc. took place at Lake Murray in October. The event welcomed 20 residents from 4 Home of Guiding Hands’ facilities, group staffing members, friends and family and over a dozen Kineticom volunteers.

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Local Businesses Supporting Local Athletes. Kineticom, Inc. proudly sponsored the Old Aztec Rugby Club in the 22nd Annual Old Aztec Summer Invitational Sevens (OASIS) tournament hosting a mixture of men’s competitive and social, women’s, old boys, and high school teams on Saturday, July 27, 2013. The Old Aztec Rugby Football Club was founded in 1978 by San Diego …Read More

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Staffing Industry Analysts Daily News

Kineticom Inc. named a new president. Other firms announcing personnel moves include Witt/Kieffer, Landrum Human Resource Companies, Herbert Mines Associates and The Training Associates. To read the full article, please visit: