3 Tips for Getting Started with Green Energy Careers

Did you know that working in renewable energy doesn’t just help fight climate change? It’s also a big advantage for you as a job candidate. In fact, over 80 percent of jobs in the energy field will be in renewable energy by 2050.

Interested in joining the global shift? Making a career change doesn’t have to be overwhelming. With a few steps on your part, green energy careers are on the horizon. 

Read on to learn three useful tips if you’re interested in renewable energy careers.

Tip 1: Choose From the Many Green Jobs Out There

In our green economy, there are more renewable energy careers than ever before.

Interested in being out in the field and making a tangible difference? Consider wind turbine technician roles. You’ll be contributing to clean energy and have a thrilling job up to 300 feet above the ground!

If you’re coming from an engineering background, then NREL jobs might be a good target for you. Sales and consulting work experience can help you transition to Energy consultant roles.

Financial experience will translate well into Renewable Energy Estimator positions.

If you’re interested in making the world better and fighting climate change, there is a role for you. Positions range from solar technicians installing solar power to PR and communications roles. In the renewable energy sector, you’re sure to find a role that fits your qualifications.

Tip 2: Build Expertise in Your Field

As you get ready to switch, you’ll want to build up expertise in your field. This will help you stand out as a candidate.

Keep up to date on important scientific findings and press releases. It will help you in interviews if you’re aware of near-future climate change scenarios.

Another way to build up expertise in your field is by volunteering. If you don’t have relevant job skills or experience, you can volunteer. Volunteering boosts your profile and shows your passion for the sector.

Tip 3: Use Green Energy Careers Job Boards

When switching to a renewable energy job, build up your network. Start attending conferences, zoom meet-ups, and sending LinkedIn messages out.

You can start to connect with others in the field. Through your network, you’ll continue to gain knowledge and hear about openings.

You’ll also benefit from using a job board catering to the green energy sector. That way you’ll know the jobs are tailored to your needs. From telecommunication job opportunities to field jobs, you have many options. 

Help Our Planet and Grow Your Career

Now you know a few helpful tips to begin researching green energy careers. Once you know what you want to do and build up a network, you’ll be ready to switch.

You’ll know you are helping our planet and doing fulfilling, rewarding work.

We’re passionate about renewable energy and work with clients such as T-Mobile, Crown Castle, General Dynamics, Motive Infrastructure, and more.

Ready to join us? Send us your resume today and we’ll keep you in mind for exciting future opportunities!


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