Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I view my pay stubs?

    You can view your pay stubs through Coastal Payroll:

  • How can I change my direct deposit information?

    You can add, delete and/or change your direct deposit accounts through Coastal Payroll:

  • Who do I put down as my employer for future jobs?

    Kineticom, Inc.

  • How do I change my taxes?

    You can change your withholding details through Coastal Payroll:

  • What is the contact information for the insurance company?

    Please email or call your Talent Care Agent.

  • How can I get my login information for WBT?

    If you forget your User ID, you can ask your Talent Care Agent. If you just need your password, you can email: or click on the “Forgot Password” link on the Web Timesheet Login page ( Hourly | Salary ).