New Application Partnership; To Sustain Current Production and Improve Future Productivity

The Challenge

A large financial services company needed to redeploy their internal resources for a large strategic initiative.  The organization needed to find a qualified partner company that was able to back-fill the existing resource pool and to take responsibility for the legacy applications. The new support team had to have a thorough understanding of the complex processes and procedures intrinsic to the financial industry. Adding to the challenge was the fact that these systems had endured significant modification over time.

The Goals

    • In addition to understanding the industry and the associated process and procedures within the company, the new support team needed to transition quickly in order to facilitate the redeployment of the existing employees.
    • The existing production applications on which their company was run needed to be maintained. Standard support, such as regulatory enhancements needed to be implemented in a timely manner.
    • End user support was also required during the life of the legacy application.

The Strategy

      • Identify and contract with a professional services firm to transition both the management and enhancement of the legacy portfolio to ensure priorities were addressed correctly, deadlines were met and effort was expended only on approved requirements.

The Results

    • Successfully met the deadline and within a three-month period, transitioned all business and technical knowledge from the existing team.
    • Managed the legacy applications, placing appropriate bridges between the original application and the replacement as it was being rolled out.
    • Seized management responsibility for the legacy applications using a standard workflow process and defined service level agreements (SLAs) and enabled the company to meet their strategic business objective.