Kineticom Flexes Agile Muscles; Helps Wireless Service Provider Improve Strategic Workforce

The Challenge

A Kineticom client and top wireless service provider serves over 40,000 turnkey sites and systems for major wireless carriers and employs over 90,000 employees. The client built a self- perform wireless division dedicated to tower installation, maintenance and upgrades. Based on a growing need for talent, the client approached Kineticom, impressed by our longstanding relationship and proven consistency, reliability and flexibility, to begin work in this space together.

– Prior to this, the customer relied upon one recruiting vendor to fulfill their needs for multiple multi-million dollar wireless installations, however the vendor was unable to deliver the volume needed.

The Goals

– To increase efficiency and productivity and to meet the client’s ever changing staffing needs. – To fill the client’s contingent staffing needs by sourcing niche professionals – tower crew top hands, foreman and climbers – among the highest-risk careers in the industry.

The Strategy

– Due to the unique requirements of these roles and evaluation of the risk profile, Kineticom formed a wholly owned subsidiary, K2COM Services, LLC, and established a centralized office location to better serve the client.

– Immediate process improvements included a standardized billing system with rates and performance metrics, job scoping, behavioral interviewing, hard and soft-skills assessments, and prescreening by Kineticom to ensure candidate quality prior to hiring manager interviews.

– Kineticom implemented and managed a standardized on-boarding process, which included offer letters through new-hire paperwork, travel arrangements, orientation and requests for work site preparedness.

The Results

After engaging with the client in this new initiative, Kineticom surpassed the incumbent as the top supplier and was able to provide:

– Overall talent acquisition cost savings pertaining to time, efficiency and significant increase to overall headcount.

– Compliance with time-to-fill targets—on average within two days—and exceeded set goal for high satisfaction among hiring managers.

– Reduced administrative burden on human resources, freeing the group to focus on longer-term strategic initiatives.