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Local Businesses Supporting Local Athletes.

Kineticom, Inc. proudly sponsored the Old Aztec Rugby Club in the 22nd Annual Old Aztec Summer Invitational Sevens (OASIS) tournament hosting a mixture of men’s competitive and social, women’s, old boys, and high school teams on Saturday, July 27, 2013. The Old Aztec Rugby Football Club was founded in 1978 by San Diego State University alumni with the intent of supporting the student rugby program. Through the years the Old Aztec Rugby Club has become an international men’s club, garnered several accolades and following a 1-1 record at the USA Rugby Men’s DII Championships, completed the 2011 season ranked 3rd in the nation. Kineticom is excited to sponsor local athletes across San Diego county and to continue to support our community in both professional and extracurricular initiatives as well.