Caine Hernandez

Technical Recruiter
I don’t know what you’ve been told, my recruiting skills are solid gold
Army Med who will take good care, to get your hired – no time to spare.


Eli Acevedo

Technical Recruiter
P: 619.330.3173

Filip Puchalski

Senior Technical Recruiter
Well-versed and experienced in all aspects of full-cycle recruitment, passionate about connecting right people with the right opportunities.


Jackie Hester

Senior Technical Recruiter Trainer

    Recruiting, training, helping the team grow. A hard working momma who is very thorough.  Often heard yelling Go Chiefs, Go Aztecs, GO!

P: 619.330.3156

Janine Portillo

Technical Recruiter

    Professional matchmaking is the game. Duke Montague is my doggy’s name. I love lavish lunches and IPAs, drinking at the beach on sunny days.

P: 619.330.3135

Kristen Marano

Technical Recruiter and Marketing Manager

    A chameleon soul. Sociologist in the corporate world. I like my Jameson straight.

P: 619.330.3171

Kyle Burkhart

Recruiting Team Lead

P: 619.330.3159 

Nathan Claire

Technical Recruiter

P: 619.330.3171

Tina Lazarevic

Technical Recruiter

P: 619.330.3140

Rigo Mendez

Technical Recruiter

P: 619.330.3168